Download & Set up


Download :

If you don't have Real player you can download it here for free : Real Player


Set up :

After having installed the software Realplayer, if you meet problems about videos, you should follow these instructions

1 - If the screen appears in black when you launch the video. Check that you did not open several windows. You can not watch several videos at the same time.

2 - If the video still doesn't appear, you should configure Realplayer (For example if you have a low bandwidth. Open Reaplayer.

- Through the Windows toolbar click on Start, then "programs", "Real" and "RealPlayer". Click on the program named "Realplayer".

-At the top of the new window, go to "tools" then "preferences" and "connection"

-On the "Bandwidth" category, make your choice about :

- 56.6 Kbps if you have a low bandwidth connection

- DSL/CABLE if you have an higher bandwidth connection

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