Our company

Tecma Engineering


A 20 years’ manufacturer of special machines and partner of the making up and packaging textile industries, we put at your disposal our company performance, experience and services, our wide range of equipment, our technicians’ skills in the following fields:


Making up and packaging equipment for any apparel textile product like underwear, garments, socks, home textiles, hats, jeans etc.

• As well as non-apparel products such as bath rugs, cooking rugs, car rugs, cooking utensils, small tools, toys, teddy bears etc.


Our range is quite full and varies from simple machines to automated solutions.

International industrial experience with several thousands of machines installed worldwide.

Efficient and fast technical service for providing information, training and maintenance.


Our main business areas :

Engineering and designing special machines according to requirements, modifying customers equipment, modifying brand new machines of the market, advising and choosing in-house or outer equipment, providing low-priced devices or special attachments.

Our technicians’ skill :

They have been designing for 30 years several thousands of special machines worldwide, which enables a high reactivity to respond to customers’ specific problems. Solutions are fastly provided in compliance with the technical and financial targets submitted.

The performance of our equipment :

A full range that varies from small to automated equipment or full lines.
More than 250 standard machines in this range.

The assets of our equipment :

Simple of use, simple maintenance, reliability, flexibility, productivity.





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SMECRI - 4 impasse du Marraud - 10600 Barberey Saint Sulpice - FRANCE
+33 (0)6 14 96 70 57 - smecri@orange.fr